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Mridang`s story is inspired by a true story. Making the whole story warranted around thinking and superstitions. Youth Aditya is a lawyer and a modern thinker,wife Sonam is a companion of Aditya in every sense. Buton one hand, While Aditya level people are living happily, Aditya life seems to be moving like advovcacy. In the family of only two people, financial hardships and childlessness also do not bother about mutul harmony. Sonam is of modern thinking , ofcourse, but one thing told by a superstitious aunt of the relationship always keeps on breaking her mind.

Obviously, modern thinking is discouraged by its failure and does not understand the need to resort to superstitions. Aunt, in front of sonam, mentions the vowel demanded by Aditya`s mother did  not even have…

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Mridang 2019 Bollywood Movie Official Trailer

Mridang Bollywood Movie Cast

  • Manoj Kumar Rao
  • Rose Laskar
  • Aaditya Singh
  • Mazhar Khan
  • Birendra Gupta

Mridang Bollywood Movie Crew

  • Ritesh S Kumar
  • Chunmun Pandit
  • Ramvijay Chandran
  • Manoj Negi
  • A B Mohan

Release Date:-

31 December 2019


Original Source Youtube

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