Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal is yet another love story as the title suggests. The story is threaded between two characters Jiva and Maheshwari who fall in love with each other due to their common interests.

Maheshwari lives in London and her father Ananda Krishnan (played by Suman) wishes to get her married to an Indian guy. Jiva studies in a medical college and lives in a family of four consisting his mother, father and a younger sister.

Both Jiva and Maheshwari have interest in Tamil literature and often participate in poetry competitions. Jiva who is a regular listener of a London radio station called Sunrise decides to participate in a poetry competition organized by a host Ravi Shankar.

Maheshwari also get into the competition and finally both of their poetry gets shortlisted as winners. Both Jiva and Maheshwari become eager to get to know each other after receiving the competition results.

Both get in touch through Internet medium and starts developing feelings for each other wit

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