Main Krishna Hoon is a story of inspiration for those children who have no ray of hope in their dark life. Kantaben runs an orphanage & finds a abandoned boy one rainy night and christens him as ‘Krishna’ Another boy who she found in a tempo so she christened him Tempo & one was found in dustbin & was christened as Dabba. Krishna grows with his dream like other children of the orphanage. Couples come to the orphanage for the adaptation of a child. But Krishna’s dream shatters all the time with his rejection & selection of other children. Kantaben notices his pain, so she tries to convince every couple for the adoption of Krishna. But Krishna gets rejected every time & he cries in alone. Tempo & other children try to console him. Kantaben tries to take him out of his

trauma by telling the animated story of lord krishna’s childhood. The transformation of a naughty boy in to lord Krishna inspires every child. He comes out of his depression & becomes happy. A Couple comes to orphana

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