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Baaghi Aurat depicts the story of middle class people who have dream of marrying their daughters in high society and how they are caught by the corrupt people. These persons misuse innocent girl’s for physical desire, as a result of which these girls either commit suicide, burn themselves or become “Baaghi Aurat”.
Ganga (Rajni Chandra) is a grown innocent girl, with a child like mind and plays with children in the streets of village. One incident brings her near Inspector Rajesh (Krishna) who falls in love with her, but ganga is so innocent that she doesn’t know the meaning of love. Her parents get her married to Dilaver (Shiva), who sell her to Seth Roshan Lal (Harish Patel), who rapes her. Dejected with life ganga wants to commit suicide, but on the way, Sharma (Saurav) saves her and shows sympathy, but turns out to be a corrupt police inspector who takes innocent girls to Ram Bihari (Mohan Joshi) a corrupt politician. He again, exploiter Ganga and intact him men to throw her aw

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